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API Supplier Portal

Our innovative supplier portal provides organisations with the ability to communicate with their supply chain effectively

Modules available for various vertical markets including

    Food & Retail
    Any Market requiring, supplier management, Auditing, Document control, Schedules and Deliveries and more...

For more information on our supplier portal please email Supplier Portal

API B2B Gateway

Currently in development the API B2B gateway will allow organisations to pass information easily between disparate systems.

Giving the end user various methods and technologies to transfer data.

    EMail, Ftp, direct transfer
Using :
    CSV, XML, bespoke formatting

For more information on our B2B gateway please email Gateway

Bespoke Software Development

API approach bespoke software development in very adaptable ways. With some clients, we develop an idea into a specification or work to existing specifications to develop an application. With other clients, we adapt to their own strict methodologies, including agile development techniques. We can work as technical team leads or architects alongside existing teams and our consultancy expertise means that our focus is on offering advice and sharing best practice. As a result, we often suggest new and improved methodologies.

Agile development techniques

Accustomed to working flexibly to agile development techniques, continuous short development cycles mean that we constantly adapt products to meet client requirements. We discuss the products and software we develop at all stages of their development, utilising planning sessions and user stories to meet changing requirements. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that each module of a specific application is fully fit for purpose. Agile development is a customer led process, where direct client feedback enhances the quality of the software solution we can deliver.

For more information on our development services please email Bespoke Development

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